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Overview / Philosophy

Arimis Computer Systems is a full-service IT Support firm that is specifically focused on bringing enterprise-level IT services to small firms (roughly 10 or fewer employees). This philosophy was an outgrowth of our own experience trying to obtain business services at our inception in 1983.

Whether it had to do with securing telecommunications and data services, leasing and property services, furnishings and fixtures, diagnostic tools (scopes, meters of various kinds, specialized software), we found that our size (small) worked against us. More often than not we encountered difficulty meriting the sustained interest and focus of vendors, even though our needs were precisely the same as the "big boys" and our dollars spent just as well, albeit not as limitlessly.

Those early encounters represented a eureka moment for us - as in smaller is not worse, just smaller, and we chose to tailor our sales, marketing, and service deployment efforts to specifically include smaller firms, though not exclusively, back then.

The result was a growing mix of smaller and larger firms as clients over the next several years, and this gave rise to the second and solidifying eureka moment. In spite of the relatively greater revenue associated with larger clients,
our most satisfying, fulfilling, and enduring relationships were with our smaller clients. Also, the intellectual needs and challenges presented by a smaller firm (the stuff that keeps our juices flowing) were precisely the same as large firms, and every bit as engaging. Lesson learned, we found our calling, and haven't wavered since.

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